ACCA Mock Exams June 2010

Want to increase you chances of success in June 2010 ACCA Exam?

The best way to do it is by solving a mock exam in the same conditions that you would face in the exam hall. (No peeking at answers, no calls)

After that mark your paper with the marking guide provided.

You can access the ACCA Mock Exams  from the link below

ACCA Mock Exam June 2010


31 Responses

  1. kindly help me to have the Mock exams questions & answers June 2010 for paper 7.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Kindly, help me too to have June 2010 Mock papers

    For F7

  3. please kindly help me with the f7 f8 and f5 mock papers for 2010

  4. Please kindly help me to have the Mock exam questions and answers Jun 2010 for P2. Thanks

    • Hi
      Actually what I feel you do not need to study hard just answer 1.5 questions and you are ascertain with a Pass. Either you leave out consol on Q1 or Section B

  5. please kindly help me to have mock exam questions and answers for June 2010 paper F6 UK.

  6. Kindly help me have mock questions and answers for papers P1 & P2 for June 2010

  7. plz kindly help me with mock papers for f5,f7,f8,f9 . i have been struggling to gain access over that for quite some time. i will appreciate if you could grant me the permission to or send me a copy to my email id

  8. Please kindly help me to have the Mock exam questions and answers Jun 2010 for F8.

  9. i am dickson from cameroon studying paper f7mf8 and f9 and wishing success to every visiting e website and would be of much pleasure to receive e kaplan mock, bpp mock, corporate
    mock for 2010.
    yours dickson.

  10. really thanks for this,i’ve been searching it for long

  11. Please provide mock exam for F6/F7/P1/P3

  12. Kindly send me a softcopy of the Mock exams questions & answers June 2010 for F8 & P1.


  13. please me help me with p2,p3,p5, and p7 acca mock exams questions and answers

  14. Please help to get the june2010 f8 mock papers ?

  15. looking for the mock of ftc of paper f4

  16. Good day. Pls I need P5 tips. can anybody help? Pls email to
    Thank you and God bless! Amen….

  17. Kindly help me to get the mock papers for P2 and P4.
    Thank you.

  18. kindly help me get the mock papers for P2 and P4.
    Thank you.

  19. Looking for P4 & P5

  20. Pls help ~~! i need F8 tips ….

  21. will u be kind enough to send me the mock exams questions for f7 and p1 to my email

  22. Hi,

    Since everyone’s been asking, I guess I’ll give it a try and hope it works. I would really be grateful if I can get the mock exams for P1 and P3, June 2010 sitting… with answers would be too great…

    You can send it to my email ID!


  23. Thanks. Can i have tips for F5 June 2010 exam. the mock exam and test paper. Thanks.

  24. Please send me the tips and mock paper for P3. Many thanks.

  25. help

  26. pls can anybody help me with paper f3 past exams and if it has been solved, with answers
    my email address is

  27. Hi…? this is Arjun, from Banglades. I`m gonna sit for F2 & F3 on 2nd July. Could you anyone help me if you`ve any tips….?

  28. Dear Sir, Could you help me to get past exam and answer sheet.

  29. please am doing p1, p2 and 93… kindly help me with recent mock exams. thanx

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