ACCA Exam Fee

From 16 August 2009, the exam and exemptions fees for the ACCA Qualification has be increased. These fees will apply to all students who register with ACCA after the closing date of 15 August and to all students entering for the December 2009 exams.

New fees
Papers F1-F3 £53
Papers F4-F9 £66
Papers P1-P7 £78


9 Responses

  1. can acca with out coaching be done ?

  2. Hi…I’ve a question concerning payment of exam fees! Actually for the first time, I’ll b paying for Dec 09 by credit cards.
    I’m doing 2 papers n my dad offred to pay for one. I wanted to know if i can use two credit cards to effect payment, i mean one paper by my credit card and the 2nd paper by my dad’s card!

  3. please, direct me on how to follow the registration and the stage to start from. i am a graduate of accounting (B.Sc) thanks.

  4. Why is it in Africa your deadline is five days prior to the U.K deadline. Now for my situation, i badly wantd to sit these december sittings but because in my country it was a public holiday, it made me miss the papers till next year which is stresing.

  5. Pls Kindly breakdown my outstanding fee to ACCA.My next exam will be by june 2010. My registration number is 1350931

  6. hi i am a beginer and i would like to sit the june exams will i be able to do that if i register today

  7. The fee payment for paper F1-F3 is it per paper or is the total payment for sitting for the three papers. Please respond to me for I am interested in undertaking the studies soon.

  8. How long does this exam take.does it depends on the time u take.and is tat the per paper? Please reply ASAP. Thank u.

  9. hi i paid for registration since august 2008 since then have not been able to countinue with the funding since my sponsor could not pay for the fees, now that i can afford it what is my next step. pls respond assistance needed urgently. thank you.

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